Nigerian Singer, Adekunle Gold Revisits Brymo’s Controversial Remark About Simi

Adekunle Gold, a Nigerian artist, has responded to his colleague Brymo’s scandalous remark regarding Simi, his wife.

Brymo revealed last month that he first made s** a prerequisite for female partners, specifically Simi and Efya, the Ghanaian diva.

The singer explained that he made the condition because he wanted to see what it’s like to compose music with a female musician he’s dating.

He also expressed regret for the condition he imposed on Simi, despite the fact that he was unaware she was with Adekunle Gold at the time.

In his reaction, Adekunle Gold warned Brymo not to “disrespect my wife and my family”.

However, in a recent interview with Cool FM, the ‘Tequila Ever After’ hitmaker addressed Brymo’s heated remark about his wife while also discussing the difficulties women experience in the music industry.

Gold stated that it is extremely tough for women to thrive in show business, forcing them to go above and beyond to gain attention.

He bemoaned the fact that when these female artists open up about their struggles on social media, they are chastised.

The singer also expressed concern that some male artists are eager to exploit the vulnerability of their female peers.

“I am as confused as you but I am going to say one thing. I know for a fact that it is a lot harder for a woman in the industry and I feel like they have to do extra work to get attention,” he said.

“It is not talked about often but when people speak about it, they bash them. Every time Simi talks about the hardship of being in the industry.

“I see the outrage on Twitter, not just about Simi but females generally. And I am here to tell you guys that it is hard.

“It starts from s** for a grade, not even in the industry basically, it is everywhere.

“You want to take advantage of women. I would never subscribe to that. I think it is total bulls**t and it is really hard.

“I see the struggle every day. You wanna make music every day and you have to get involved. It makes no sense to me.”

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