How The Mugabes Stole The Show ‘Once More’ At The 14 Nations SADC!


When Southern African leaders assemble at this year’s Southern African Development Community (SADC), a summit of 14 nations that holds yearly, Zimbabwe always seems to steal the show and not necessarily in a good way.

President Mugabe and his able wife, Grace Mugabe both have a way of getting people talking and not necessarily about policy decisions.

The Mugabe’s have done it once again this year but this time rather than the star player President Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace Mugabe has stepped up to the bat.

This year’s SADC held this week from August 18th – 20th and the discussion was meant to center around how the Presidents could leverage public partnerships in the region to achieve the elusive goal of regional economic trade.

All anyone can talk about after the summit is, however, Grace Mugabe’s assault of a South African model last weekend, allegedly with an electric extension chord.

The first lady allegedly lost control when she discovered Gabrielle Engels with her sons in an upmarket hotel in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. the entire week saw pictures of the gash on the forehead of the 20-year-old being circulated on social media, newspapers and news channels.


Grace mugabe

Grace Engels also told reporters that she sustained injuries to her body. The young model has pressed charges and will be assisted by an Afrikaner lobby group and the advocate who prosecuted Oscar Pistorius. Claims have also been made by the victim that she was offered a bribe by Mugabe’s aide to keep quiet but that she made bold to speak out because she ascertained that the first lady was a serial abuser.

On Twitter she posted about the incident: “What is a girl compared to

“What is a girl compared to a woman beating you and 10+ body guards standing back leaving her to do this s***?

“She split my head open in 3 places with an extension cord and used the plug to hit me.”

Peter Ndoro a prominent TV and Radio Presenter sent out a tweet with the “This Flag” hashtag asking if Grace Mugabe can be trusted to mother a nation;

“Life often gives clues of character. Can a woman who does this to a child be trusted to mother a nation? #GraceMugabe #ThisFlag🇿🇼 #SaveZim”

South African officials have been put on border watch to prevent Mrs. Mugabe from leaving the country after she failed to show up at court but speculations have swirled on whether she has already left South Africa, and whether she will be covered by diplomatic immunity.

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