Kenyan TV Anchor Rose Gakuo, Shows Off Perfect Curves In Bikini During TZ Vacation

It is not everyday that we get to see our Kenyan female news anchors off the screens. It is even next to impossible to see them dressed differently from what we are used to seeing on screen.

However, a K24 TV news anchor recently gave her fans and social media followers a rare treat by showing off her perfect curves, not in a suit, but in a lust-inducing bikini.

Rose Gakuo, a ravishing news anchor who has always kept her private life under wraps, recently shared a photo of herself in a tempting biking while on holiday in Tanzania.

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on Gakuo’s Instagram account, the lass shared with her fans a number of good times she had alongside her girlfriends while on holiday. The highlight of their Tanzanian holiday was at the Kileweta Hot Springs where the lass was forced to shed off her clothes and remain with nothing but a sexy bikini. The lass showed off her perfect curves and nice derriere as she stepped out to the hot springs.

“Every time we walk along a beach, some ancient urge disturbs us so that we find ourselves shedding shoes and garments or scavenging among seaweed and whitened timbers like the homesick refugees of a long war,” she captioned the photo.

Her post attracted the attention of her fans and other team mafisi members who could not help but gush over her on end.

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