Kenyan Cult Leader, 94 Others Charged With Manslaughter

On Tuesday, self-styled Kenyan pastor Paul Mackenzie, his wife, and 93 other accomplices were charged with manslaughter in Mombasa law court.

All pleaded not guilty to the 238 counts of manslaughter charged between January 2021 and February 2023.

Mackenzie’s Good News International Church lost 429 members, including children.

The victims were discovered in dozens of shallow graves on an 800-acre ranch in Shakahola Forest, a rural part in Kilifi’s coastline district.

The graves were discovered after authorities rescued 15 emaciated church members who told investigators that Mackenzie had commanded them to fast till death before the world ended.

Autopsies on several of the victims buried in the graves revealed that they died of malnutrition, strangling, or asphyxia.

According to local media, the Magistrate decided Tuesday that the 95 accused will appear in court on February 13 to hear his decision on bail and bond terms.

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