I Want John Dumelo to be President of Ghana Right Now – Sista Afia

Ghanaian female composer, Sista Afia has expressed her desire to see actor and politician John Dumelo as the president of Ghana.

Speaking to Nana Romeo on Accra FM, she clarified that this was not because she favoured any political party but rather because Dumelo is an industry player who has done well and has the potential to bring change.

“If I had the power to be President of Ghana, I would have honestly chosen John Dumelo. That doesn’t mean I am siding with NDC or NPP, but because he is an industry player.

“He is in the industry and has done so well. I am taking from my point of view I would want to see John right now as the president. At least we will see a change,” she said.

Sista Afia also commended John Dumelo’s hard work and efforts to raise awareness about growing food locally.

She emphasized that she wants to see a change in Ghana’s leadership and sees Dumelo as someone who can bring about that change.

“You see how I am saying that I want to see him as a president if he comes and he doesn’t deliver and says I regret. I just want a change. I just want to see someone.

“What is special about John is that he is very hard-working and raised awareness for people to plant their own food and grow their own stuff. John is someone I wish for,” she added.

In addition, Sista Afia challenged the notion that younger politicians would spend more money than their older guys in politics.

She believes it’s time for a shift in the country’s leadership dynamics and that Dumelo could be the catalyst for that change.

“People are saying because they are young, they are the ones to spend more money than the older guys, but we have had the old guys for a long time, and I wish for us to change the dynamics. I don’t know how we can do this, but we need to change the game a bit,” she expressed.

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