Ghana: Leave Me Alone, I Don’t Have $1m For You – Obibini Tells Rex Omar


Ghanaian rapper Obibini has told highlife artist Rex Omar in plain words that he should give him a chance to be, he doesn’t have a million dollar to give him over his copyright encroachment case.

The Zylofon Music endorser in a video has watched is seen obviously inquiring as to why the ‘Abiba’ artist would consider requesting such a colossal measure of cash from an artiste like him who has not made a great deal since he began music.

Obibini in the footage further questioned Rex Omar if the million dollar demand is meant to kill his music career since he does not have such an amount or anything close to it in his bank account.

He continued to tell the highlife legend that he should let him be. Explaining why he decided to use Rex Omar’s hook/body of Dea Ne Me in his new single, Gogo Woho which generated brought the court threat, Obibini said his idea was to honour him, Rex Omar.

“I greet you Uncle Rex but I won’t get 1 million dollar for you. No disrespect but you know that we have to respect legends like you once in a while by taking some of your old songs. With this million dollar you are demanding from me, do you want to kill my career? With no disrespect to you, I love and cherish you but I want to say just let me be.” Obibini said told Rex Omar in the video.

Rex Omar, through his lawyers Poku Adusei & Associates of Oyikwan Chambers threatened to sue Obibini for the use of lyrics from his song, Dea Ne Me on the rapper’s latest track, Gogo Woho.

In the notice, the lawyers state that their client was contacted by Obibini/Zylofon Media for the use of the hook/body of Dea Ne Me in 2017. Rex Omar agreed to enter into negotiations about the terms and conditions but before that could be done, Obibini went ahead to use the hook/body of the song.

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