Coronavirus / USA: Rihanna Discusses Donald Trump’s Laxity in the Health Crisis

The famous American singer-songwriter Rihanna is very upset with her fans at a time when the coronavirus is making the headlines in the international media. The cause is that his thousands of fans keep asking for a new album. In a video, Riri expressed his dissatisfaction and took the opportunity to evoke the laxity of the American president in the face of the COVID-19 disasters.

Rihanna has been very involved in recent times in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus and its harmful effects. She did not fail to express her dissatisfaction in a video posted on her Instagram account.

Referring to US President Donald Trump, whom she finds a little lax in the face of the health crisis, Rihanna said this: “… I am trying to save the world, unlike your president …”,

The reaction of the African-American singer comes just days after donating $ 4.2 million with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to victims of domestic violence during confinement.

Contrary to the aspirations of her fans, the 32-year-old singer seems more concerned about the health crisis that is shaking everyone around us today. For her, this is simply not the time to release albums but rather to rescue the most vulnerable populations in this crisis.

In her video, Rihanna also warned anyone who still asked her to release a new album. Also remember that the last album of the American star dates from 2016.

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