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Chinese Man Thrown Out of Malawi over Racist Videos

A Chinese person has been jailed and ordered to leave the country after being accused of persuading youngsters in Malawi to scream racist slogans against themselves in Chinese, a language they did not understand, and then selling the footage on Chinese social networks.

After finding him guilty of recruiting youngsters for racial exploitation, a court judge in the capital Lilongwe sentenced 27-year-old Lu Ke to one year in prison.

Masauko Chamkakala, the country’s Attorney General, said Lu Ke, who was detained last year, had seven days to leave Malawi after serving his 12-month sentence.

He is banned from ever returning to the country.

In one of Lu Ke’s videos, a child aged around nine was heard saying: “I am a monster with a low IQ.”

Lu Ke claimed he was aiming to spread Chinese culture in Malawi.

The public prosecutor said the Chinese national had paid financial compensation to the victims, without specifying the amount.

He was arrested in June 2022 in Zambia, Malawi’s neighbouring country, for illegal entry after fleeing Malawi and was later extradited.

The Chinese embassy in Malawi condemned Lu Ke’s actions stating that “the Chinese government has zero tolerance for racism.”

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