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Boxer Amir Khan Praises His ‘Forgiving’ Wife After Many Cheating Scandals

British boxer, Amir Khan has praised his ‘forgiving’ wife Faryal Makhdoom over his several cheating scandals.

The boxer, 36, and his wife, 31, made headlines last month when a former BBC presenter accused the sportsman of making sexual advances towards her after they appeared at an event together.

The pair were also said to have separated and they lived apart over the summer after he reportedly asked a bridal model to send him raunchy pictures.

Speaking about his wife of 10 years – with whom he shares children Lamaisah, nine, Alayna, five and three-year-old Muhammad – Amir said: ‘Ah she’s brilliant, yeah, she’s good… Well, she is the big boss.’

He added on the They Don’t Teach This At School with Myleene Klass podcast: ‘I always get told off because I do silly things and I got caught doing silly things and obviously I’m human at the end of it.’

Amir continued: ‘She’s very forgiving, but I think you know if you keep on pushing someone it’s going to get too much, she’s gonna say you know what, get away from me.

‘I can see that she loves me to bits and she’s really caring and stuff, because honestly speaking there’s a lot of stuff that she does behind the scenes that people don’t see.


‘Like for example, you know, she set my training camp up, she set the contracts, the lawyers she deals with, the accountants she deals with, she deals with all the bills that we have in the UK and all that.


‘We have this payment to make, this payment to make. She does everything. I don’t have no house headache, she takes care of all that, like all the admin work, because I can’t do that.


‘But it’s good that she’s taken the pressure away from me on that sense… And you know, sometimes you need someone like a good backbone, and there’s someone there for you. Someone to take that pressure away from you.’

Amir, whose marriage has been overshadowed with cheating claims, allegedly contacted a model named Sumaira, 25, on May 6, three days after he was shown being evicted from the pre-recorded I’m A Celebrity… South Africa.

Sumaira claims they spoke on the phone, during which he attempted to explain why he had contacted her, saying that ‘he and Faryal were not properly together and that it was a bit of a business arrangement’.

She claims he spun a ‘sob story’, saying that he was retired from boxing and Faryal spent a lot of time in London.

Amir admitted he ‘regretted’ messaging Sumaira, revealing he’d contacted her out of ‘boredom’, but insisted he was not cheating as it was ‘just a few texts’.

Asked if he would attend therapy sessions, he told The Sun: ‘That question hasn’t been brought up before. But maybe I do need help to stop me from messaging other women. I am willing to go to ­therapy to stop me sending texts to women who aren’t my wife.

The sportsman said Faryal was ‘disgusted’ at the news of him messaging another woman, with her telling him: ‘If you have a diamond at home, why do you want to mess around with rocks and stones?’

Amir admitted his behaviour was ‘not nice’ and noted that his children will one day read about what happened, which he said will ‘upset them’.

Faryal posted a lengthy statement in response to her husband’s text exchanges with model Sumaira.


Stating that she ‘refuses to play out my marriage publicly,’ Faryal wrote on Instagram that ‘after a long week of accusations, slander and harassment I have decided it is now time to address the situation that has unfolded.’

Faryal described Sumaira’s actions as a ‘hate campaign’ and has denied that she is ‘responsible for Sumaira’s current mental state.’

Implying that she is standing by Amir, Faryal went on to state that ‘the whole world is aware of his track record’ and insists that Sumaira must have been aware he was married when she sent him revealing photos.

In August, a new woman also claimed she had an affair with the boxer over four months – which only ended when Faryal threatened to ‘name and shame’ her.

The unnamed woman revealed that the champion fighter admitted his marriage was ‘on the rocks’ and said that she slept with him this year after he demanded ‘no holds barred’ sex.

The woman reportedly said she met with Amir on several occasions, but that their fling ended when she received a call from his furious wife.

That same month, Suzi Mann, who has presented BBC Asian Network’s Official Asian Music Chart Show, claimed she was sent messages by the star after they first met in 2016 when she hosted a concert in Manchester.

She said that following their encounter, he repeatedly messaged her on WhatsApp ‘flirting’ with her and ‘making sexual advances’, which later escalated when he began calling and leaving her voicemails.

The single mother said she did not feel ‘comfortable’ with his messages and she ‘remained professional’ by choosing not to ‘entertain’ his behaviour.


Suzi later said that Faryal had messaged her after seeing that the boxer had been in touch with her.


But Faryal denied the claims, telling The Sun:  ‘This is all untrue. Amir has denied the accusations and doesn’t even remember this woman. I’ve never messaged her on Twitter – I don’t even remember ever seeing this woman’s face.’

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