Angolan TikToker Neth Nahara Sentenced for ‘Insulting’ President Lourenço

Ana da Silva Miguel, also known as Neth Nahara, a renowned social media influencer in Angola, has had her prison term doubled to two years for “insulting” President Joo Lourenço on TikTok.

An appeals court concluded in August that the initial sentence of six months was too mild and increased it to two years.

On her TikTok account, Ms. Miguel accused the president of “anarchy and disorganization,” and blamed him for difficulties such as a shortage of schools, homes, and work in the country.

According to her lawyer, Ms. Miguel, who has over 230,000 TikTok followers and thousands of views on her videos, is the first person in Angola to be prosecuted for TikTok content.

The decision is decisive because appeals to the Supreme Court are only permissible for sentences of more than three years.

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