Alicia Keys’ Son Protects His Mom on Stage as a Bodyguard After Cardi B’s Mic Toss Incident

Guess who opted to safeguard singer Alicia Keys on her Summer Tour engagement in Seattle, Washington, at a season when musicians are attacked on stage and are unsure how their shows would turn out? While her mother performed, her 8-year-old son, Genesis, joined her on stage in a G.I. Joe costume.

Swizz Beatz praised his son’s efforts to ensure his mother’s safety in an Instagram post. The stern-looking photo of Genesis has received over 5,000 comments, with admirers amused by the seriousness he displayed on stage.

“My boy said I’m not playing no games on mom’s stage. He is a really serious one. Thank you Gen we love you and your protection,” Swizz wrote. The dad was amazed at the confidence displayed by the 8-year-old on such a huge stage.

In the past, some artists have suffered significant injuries as a result of unwarranted attacks. After being hit by a bouquet of flowers a month earlier, Harry Styles’ face was smashed with an unidentifiable item while on tour in Vienna, Austria in July. Bebe Rexha was hit in the eye with a smartphone while on tour in New York, resulting in a swollen black eye. Kelsea Ballerini met a similar fate in June while performing in Idaho. Over the weekend, a concertgoer allegedly hurled a drink at Cardi B on stage.

Keys recently shared her delight at having her family join her on tour this summer in a recent interview. She expressed how lovely it is to enjoy fun experiences in different cities with them. The singer loves the opportunity to include her family in her journey since she believes it generates lovely memories.

Keys also mentioned that her loved ones enjoy the road life and that she puts images of them in her room to remain in touch with them. Following the performance, her husband, music producer Beatz, shared a cute snapshot of their sleeping son, playfully referencing to his security position throughout the tour. Overall, the presence of Alicia Keys’ family adds joy and affection to her traveling experience.

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