Singer Shaggy Reveals The Real Meaning Behind His Hit Song ‘It Wasn’t Me’

Jamaican rapper and singer, Shaggy has revealed the real meaning behind his hit 2000 song It Wasn’t Me.


The star, real name Orville Richard Burrell CD, 54, explained that there has been a misconception among his fans over the lyrics of the tune.


Many lovers of the song believed it to be about cheating but Shaggy – who has been married to wife Rebecca Packer for close to ten years and shares three daughters with her – has now cleared things up.



When was asked by People whether, as a result of the song, he finds many people assume he is a ‘player’.’ Shagg said;

 ‘It was a big misconception with that song because that song is not a cheating song. It’s an anti-cheating song. It’s just that nobody listened to the record to the end.

‘There’s a part in the record where it’s a conversation between two people and you have one guy, which is me at that point, giving that bad advice, like, ‘Yo, bro, how could you get caught? Just tell her, ‘It wasn’t me’, and then at the end, the guy says, ‘I’m going to tell her that I’m sorry for the pain that I’ve caused.


”I’ve been listening to your reasoning, it makes no sense at all. Going to tell her that I’m sorry for the pain that I’ve caused. You might think that you’re a player, but you’re completely lost’.’


Shaggy concluded: ‘Nobody hears that part! That’s what the song says.’

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