Chinese Man Sentenced to Death for Killing Nigerian Girlfriend

A Nigerian court sentenced a Chinese national to death on Tuesday after finding him guilty of murdering his girlfriend, according to a government official, and has threatened to recommend execution if he fails to appeal the decision.

Frank Geng-Quangrong was convicted at a local court in Kano state, northern Nigeria’s industrial powerhouse, according to Kano Justice Commissioner Haruna Dederi. Geng-Quangrong has pleaded not guilty.

“This is a signal that whoever is coming to a society should be prepared to comply with the extant laws of that society,” Dederi said in a statement.

Death penalties for capital offenses are widespread in Nigeria, and they occasionally involve foreigners. In 2022, a Danish man was sentenced to death by hanging after killing his wife and daughter.

Executions, on the other hand, are uncommon since state governors must approve them. Since 1999, only two execution orders have been signed, according to Nigerian human rights lawyer Inibehe Effiong.

Geng-Quangrong was accused of stabbing his lover, 22-year-old Ummukulsum Sani, in September 2022 at a Kano home. According to local media, he claimed he stabbed her in self-defense.

He has three months to appeal his sentence before Nigeria’s Court of Appeal.

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