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Trevor Noah Pokes Fun At South Africans Being Roasted For Not Wearing Masks (video)

The issue of mask-wearing has become a contentious one in many countries and while governments continue to enforce wearing them, some people just aren’t listening.

Trevor Noah has taken to “The Daily Show” to show American audiences how wearing a mask in Africa is a very serious thing.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still a reality and with cases increasing across the world, Trevor shared how life under the “new normal”, such as wearing masks in public, was not taken lightly, especially in Mzansi and Africa at large.

The South African born comedian shared a snippet of his segment where he comments on a hilarious video of a police officer telling a SA citizen to return to his house for not wearing a mask.

In the video, Trevor says, “If Americans think that the rules of this country are too strict, Americans needs to see how social distancing is being enforced in some other countries around the globe …

“For example, if you’re upset that people give you dirty looks when you go outside without a mask, imagine that instead of that, the police pull up in their cars and then roast you through their PA system … because that’s what’s going on in SA.”

In the now-viral video, a female police officer can be heard telling a male citizen to return home “with his Covid-19″, seeing that he wasn’t wearing a mask. “Wear a mask on your face, we want to see a mask on your face …”

She then asked the man how he could leave his house without wearing a mask.

Trevor told the audience that the police and military were tasked with enforcing the rules of the lockdown which, according to him, was a “recipe for disaster”, as he made fun of SA’s law and order practices.

The comedian added that SA’s harsh “mask justice” was not as hectic as that of Rwanda’s. (what is Rwanda’s like?)

Watch the full video below:

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