Mixed Reactions As Huddah Monroe Calls Out Nairobi Hospital Over Poor Services

Controversy-filled socialite, Huddah Monroe publicly calls out Nairobi hospital for its substandard services.

She exposes the rot in the lucrative medical facility after narrating her cousin´s ordeal at the hospital.

Apparently, Huddah took her cousin for a check-up at the facility only to be taken aback by the kind of services offered.


While at Nairobi hospital, Huddah could tell the disappointment on patients´ faces, waiting and all gloomy.

Meanwhile, the medical staff were busy on phone, pretentiously seeming busy at the expense of their patients´ health.

And her word to the staff is to leave if they don´t like their job and spare patients the agony.


It was her first at the hospital as she always goes to Aga Khan but swears to never return to Nairobi hospital.

She now sympathizes with Kenyans who get their medical services from the hospital.

And her promise is to build a better facility that can help the ailing, at affordable rates.

Huddah´s uproar comes after Bob´s cancer was misdiagnosed as a bacterial infection at the hospital which she now pins the blame on.

Citing that would the doctors have done their duty to the letter, probably he would live to see the next decade.

What fascinates her is fact that Nairobi Hospital is ranked among the best hospitals in Kenya.

While Kenyans have come out to applaud her, others counterattack.

See reactions:

Lorna Kiyayi Nairobi hospital misdiagnosed my uncle for bronchitis, after his condition worsened we took him to MP Shah and he had stage 4 lung cancer. All this while, we wondered what Nairobi hospital was doing, it took MP Shah minutes to diagnose the disease. This life belongs to God😔


Mwaniki Caroline I’ve also experienced such at Nairobi hospital, I was in pain after laparoscopic surgery I rang the bell nkaskia nurse akiteta akisema “uyu naye anajifanya anaumwa nini na amefanyiwa laparoscopy?”had to call my doc atleast awaongeleshe.


Trappe Pocae They are more of money than saving lives… lost a loved there! N another one they did a botched laser eye surgery…


Emelia Mbaire Nairobi hospital is worse, they misdiagnosed me that I had food poisoning I almost died thanks to memorial forces detected the problem.


Flozie Njambi Huddah has said wat many fear to say I experienced the same my mum had to wait for like 4hrs before getting any service


Cyrillah Chemtai I agree with what she says about Nairobi hospital. However, building and running a “7-star” hospital is not like running a lipstick and whoring business.


Caroline Njanja #Avenue hospital too.. been there 4 times at different branches… But It’s the worst hospital ever… I haaaaaaate it


Natalie Abogi For once hapo kwa kujenga hosy 7star I’m with you….we need better customer care in every institution with a front desk/ reception…most of them are just nincompoops behind work suits…🤨🙄🙄🙄🙄


Divinah Morangi Almost all hospitals are like that.Sometimes you feel like boxing those nurses.I don’t know where some staffs get that attitude from.


Meg Kamz A friend of mine they told him he has cancer only to go to India n tests being done n he was 100% okey…I hate Nairobi Hospital


Kyler Mya Truth is bitter pill to swallow most of those people wako so pride filled they forget they are only mortals walijituma it’s not a calling ndio unapata maringo ni nyingi Its just a trademark do your calling with the fear of your creator


Keight Robin She is right.. Tho am sure she expected to be given first class service simply because she thinks she is a celeb and everyone shud attend to her.. No woman, sit your fake ass down and wait like all of us..


Barbie Legit-Queen Aga Khan is the worst of them all!!!! Peadiatrics ukienda saa nne utatok saa kumi. In children’s Ward there’s a nurse there called Khalafa. Utatamani kupeleka mtoto kwa mganga instead. Meanwhile, sijaona ubaya wa Mp Shah


TR Singh Dont praise Aga Khan. I was there over the weekend. Unprofessional nurses and a casualty doctor who was behaving like a brain surgeon. Oh and alot of jumping queues there. Really unfair


Keneysarah Sarah Huddah should visit kenyatta &mama Lucy hataongea tena(kwanza ward ya watu walipata accident)


Mukami Doris I don’t know which Nairobi hospital she’s talking about coz the one i know is the best healthy care provider perhaps in east Africa!! Can’t forget how they struggled to bring my son back to life in 2010! God bless those doctors n nurses working in that institution


Nyamasyo Mutuku Ngungi She just hoped that because he is huddah,everything had to stop and attend her immediately


Gikaru Carol I always visit them and they have the best services and go the extra mile to ensure you get the best care


Emerentiana Nicholus I thought the same aga Khan diagnosed him with vitamin deficiency and the Nairobi hospital you are slandering came to his rescue including getting him the London specialist

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