Zimbabwean Socialite, Pokello, Intends To Mentor Young Women!

Zimbabwean socialite and business woman, Pokello Nare says she has such a great amount to offer to young ladies young lady regardless of her picture being spoiled by social debates.

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Swag” made the remarks during the launch of the She Roars Brand where she was one of the guest speakers.

Nare said despite questions being raised over her morality, she has a lot of advice to offer and teach to young girls on how they can manage their emotions.

“I know a lot of people on Facebook Live watching will probably say what can Pokello teach young women? I can teach young women to manage their emotions, the reason why men don’t like to put women in positions of power or leadership is that you don’t know how to manage your emotions. You are so emotional, young women need to learn to move with strategy and not emotion.

“Everything is not about your emotions. Money follows vision, not your emotions, we don’t care what you are going through, we don’t need to know, and that’s what separates men from women. Women need to learn to be less emotional and that’s one thing you can learn from me.

“No matter what you think they are reading about me or circulating I still function 100% and sleep at night,” Nare said.


She added that women should prioritize finances over men even though society has taught women that getting married is an achievement.

Pokello urged women to chase their dreams and careers whilst in their 20s before looking into getting married at a young age.

“Another thing I can teach young women is finances over marriage. Society teaches young women that getting married is the ultimate accomplishment and achievement. Young women have no business getting married in their 20s because you marry men that don’t comply with your spirit, careers and dreams.

“So now you are in your 20s, you are a wife, mother, you are unemployed, you are a housewife, and you are demotivated and frustrated because of a decision to get married. Women need to focus on their careers and finances.

“Men don’t abuse women who have it all together, they abuse the woman that is waiting on his payroll, he will never abuse me because at any point I can walk out, get into my car and walk out,” explained Nare.

Pokello urged the young ladies to be confident and develop an outer ego that goes for what it yearns for and to love themselves hard.


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