Zimbabwe: What Makes Me To Marry Olinda – Singer Tytan

The individuals who thought the connection between artist Tytan (conceived Njabulo Nkomo) and people person Olinda Chapel was an attention stunt culled from a Hollywood motion picture scene got a stun of their lives when the two formally got married at a private wedding a week ago.

From the earliest starting point the association seemed destined to fall flat with just the two lovebirds the sole devotees to what they had begun.

There is also no doubt that the odds have been against the two with both age difference (Chapel is older) and the fact that Chapel has two children from a previous marriage coming into the spotlight.

But after a week and despite negative public views, Tytan, who is yet to come out of honeymoon mood, is chuffed by the idea of being married to the UK-based businesswoman.

“It has been a whole week of married life and its great man,” the Bho hit singer told The Standard Style laughing off skepticism about the relationship.

“People should understand that as artistes we actually live real live

s too and it is not by choice that our lives are in the public eye as is the norm for public figures around the world.”

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The genesis and background of the happily ever after love story is best captured in the musician’s 4 minutes 10 seconds visuals of Bho which was released last year in February.

“It has never been fake from the onset and there is no point in having such a publicity stunt because there is no financial benefit off it so why would we?” said Skhokho, as Tytan is affectionately known.

Chapel (34) is six years older than Tytan, but to the raving couple age is just a number and the idea of starting a family is not far off the 28-year- old lyricist’s mind.

“You know, I am not a person who likes revealing stuff to the public, but when it is time you will know,” Tytan said.

From the cosy pictures the two are sharing on their social media accounts a fourth member of the family could be on the way sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Tytan is not leaving his Harare base yet meaning there will be a lot of commuting between the newly-weds as they strive to keep the flame alive.


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