Zimbabwe: Shona Novel Declare On Social Media

With an end goal to exhibit his ability, rising writer Tinashe Nyandoro has distributed his first book, “Ndakaitei”, for free on social media

Utilizing Facebook and WhatsApp as media for distributing his content, Nyandoro, who is otherwise called Siv Beats, has figured out how to contact a group of people that has gotten the content emphatically.

In a meeting, Nyandoro said he chose to discharge his first book for nothing since he needed to make readership toward the start of his vocation.

“The purpose for my online free distribution was to rate my work and to contact however many individuals as could reasonably be expected. I likewise observed online distribution as the best stage to manufacture my name.

“I am hoping to become a well-known author as well as an actor who will earn a living out of art one day. My main goal is to attract as many readers as I can,” said Nyandoro.

“Ndakaitei” is about two university students who fall in love, but struggle to make end meets after graduation.

The two finally get employed after a spell of hardships. However, the wife gets a successive promotion at her workplace and things turn sour in their marriage.

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“The story was inspired by the things that are happening within the family institutions.

“You find out that nowadays in most families, women are earning more than their husbands and this is perpetuating conflicts whereby wives end up disrespecting their spouses. Forgiveness is another major element in the story as well teaching people to persevere in whatever situation they come across,” said Nyandoro.

Although Nyandoro is an upcoming writer, he has already received his fair share of piracy.

“Piracy has been a major setback. I published my book for free as a trial version online but some people were downloading the book from Facebook and selling it. In the end, I will be the one on the losing side,” he said.

Nyandoro is already working on other projects which he will eventually start selling.

“I have three projects I am working on right now and I will begin to post some of the chapters of my second book ‘Zambuko Renhamo’. I will begin selling it after posting 10 chapters.


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