Zimbabwe Officials And Zodwa Wabantu At Loggerheads Over Raunchy Sketch

Zimbabwean president and first lady are presently at odds with Zodwa Wabantu who refused to take down a controversial sketch she made of all three of them from her social media account.

The sketch shows Zodwa lifting her leg and supposedly showing her lack of undies to Mugabe which leaves his tongue hanging out. Grace is in the background looking very unimpressed.

Zodwa, who has been at loggerheads with Zimbabwean officials since she was banned from performing at the Harare International Carnival because she refused to wear underwear.

At the time, President Mugabe lambasted Zodwa for attending parties without wearing underwear. He said: “I’m sorry we disappointed many men… You just come without covering your decency. What do you want? Men to see you? We don’t want such…”

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Zodwa says she was instructed to remove the painting but said was pointless, and suggested that they ask the painter to remove it “I was instructed to remove the painting from my page and I refused. I told him it is for my fans and they love it. It’s pointless to remove it from my page because the painter posted it. Instead he should tell the painter to remove it,” the Durban entertainer told TshisaLive.


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