Zimbabwe: Govt Pledges Support For Bounty Lisa

The Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation has pledged support towards popular Zimdancehall musician Bounty Lisa (real name Lisa Musenyi)’s medical expenses and well-being.

The dancehall musician has lipoma, a growth on her upper thigh, which has prevented her from performing since 2017.

The pledge was made by Deputy Minister Tino Machakaire when he visited the musician at her family home in Kuwadzana with officials from his ministry.

The deputy minister donated $5 000 towards Bounty Lisa’s upkeep and asked the musician to get quotations from local medical institutions for her treatment.

He also encouraged local artistes to join medical aid schemes to cater for their medical expenses in case of sickness.

“Our artistes need to make sure they have medical aid since one never knows when sickness will strike them. That way they will be better prepared.

“However we will make sure that Bounty Lisa is well taken care of because it is our duty to stand by our young people and artistes as a ministry, even when times are hard for them,” said the deputy minister.

The “Vari Ordinary” hit maker, who expressed her gratitude to the ministry narrated her five year ordeal, which forced her to look for solutions across the country’s borders.

“The growth started in 2014. I felt a hard lump under my skin. It did not grow until 2017 when it started showing, but it was not that big,” said Bounty Lisa.

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“When it got worse in 2018 I started looking for herbal remedies to cure it so that I could avoid an operation but that did not work. Last year I went to South Africa to seek medical assistance and I spent months undergoing tests and waiting for the results.

“I was advised that I needed an operation and I was given dates for October this year since the situation is not life threatening.”

The delay in her operation means the musician cannot perform or provide for her family since she is the sole breadwinner.

“The growth causes my heart to beat very fast that I can hardly breathe every time I go on stage,” she said.

“Performing was my sole source of income.” Bounty Lisa’s father Pinias Musenyi said they have been struggling to pay their rentals.

“I was forced to retire on medical grounds. Since then my daughter has been taking care of the family. She moved us from the one room we used to stay at Matapi Flats in Mbare and relocated us here. She is the one that has been paying rentals.

“It’s been hard for us to the extent that my wife had to go to South Africa to seek a job.

“My wife has been trying to take care of us but it’s been hard for her since our landlord has reviewed our rentals from the Z$600 we used to pay to US$175,” said Musenyi.


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