Zimbabwe: Godfatha Templeman Charged To Court For Kidnapping A 16-Year-Old Young Lady

Music promoter and plate maneuver Simbarashe “Godfatha Templeman” Maphosa (40) yesterday showed up in court on charges of kidnapping a 16-year-old young lady.

Maphosa is out on safeguard.

Maphosa co-hosts the Dancehall Remedy appear on Star FM on Thursdays.

Maphosa, who showed up before Harare officer Ms Ruramai Chitambura, told the court that he was a social media friend and neighbour of the 16-year-old.

He additionally clarified that he posted a commercial for a show in Beitbridge on his Facebook page.

The complainant professedly reached him saying that she needed to go to Beitbridge with him and that she likewise planned to go to South Africa.

Maphosa agreed and went to Beitbridge with the complainant.

While in Beitbridge, the complainant told Maphosa that she was being abused by both her parents at home, which was the reason why she wanted to flee to South Africa.

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The court heard that Maphosa convinced the complainant not to go to South Africa, saying that he will take her to work so that she may be on the Tilda show to explain her story.

The complainant’s parents had already reported her missing.

Maphosa and the complainant spent three days and three nights in Beitbridge, where he allegedly forced the complainant to consume alcohol and drugs.

The matter was reported to the police, leading to Maphosa’s arrest.

He was remanded to June 8.


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