Zimbabwe Anglican Bishop ‘Fired’ For Burying Wife In Church

An Anglican church bishop in Zimbabwe has reportedly been fired after he pulled a shocker last month by digging a grave and burying his late wife inside a school chapel.

According to New Zimbabwe.com, the church said it was implementing a series of proposals to salvage “what is left of our dignity and integrity” after the incident.

“We cannot be insulted any worse than this,” the church reportedly said.

The church said that burying a dead body was not part of its tradition.

The man of the cloth, Lazarus Muyami buried his deceased wife inside a chapel on November 26, causing a stir in the community.

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Pictures of the burial, with a coffin inscribed “mum”, were being circulated. The coffin was placed near the grave dug inside a church.

Muyami was said to have apparently also refused to hand the school over to the church, saying that he was the reason the school was built.

“Although it (school) was built by donations from the UK, he has insisted that he sourced the funds and the church has failed to reclaim the facility from him,” a church insider was quoted as saying.

Muyami’s family reportedly said that the chapel was indeed family property.


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