Ugandan Socialite, Zari Hassan Reveals Little Known Details About Her Love Life

Zari Hassan has revealed little known details about her Love life during her recent interview while in Uganda.
For the first time, The Boss Lady has revealed that she has dated broke guys in her life before she met Ivan Don, the man who elevated her status in the society.

Despite the revelation, the mother of five didn’t specify which exact broke people she once dated and neither did she specify which period in her life.

The boss lady’s revelation was prompted a question on the kind of man she would like to date basing on the fact that her past relationships were with people who were already established and wealthy.

“You just need to find someone who understands you. It’s not about money or looks because I have been through the money phase, the broke phase so you can’t tell me anything. I have dated some broke guys too so I do know where I fall,” Zari said during her Interview on NBS.Zari

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When asked when she will be dating again now that their love journey with c is as good as done, the ‘All White Party’ host said that she is not thinking of it now.

“Maybe next year is when I will come out with someone to date but now I am not thinking of it.” added Zari

Among the people Zari dated include the late Ivan Ssemwanga and Diamond Platnumz but none of those were broke.


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