Zari Hassan Finally Leaves Uganda But Not To Go Back To Tanzania!

Zari has been in Uganda this whole time?! WHAT THE HELL?! I understand she needed to safeguard her sons’ inheritance but godamn! She has a 5 month old child still in Dar E Salaam under the care of Diamond’s mother.

So get this, since Ivan “Don” Ssemwanga had been buried, Zari has been in Uganda trying to find a solution to the conundrum of dying intestate (without having written a will) and she finally came to a conclusion with the committee that was appointed to oversee the distribution of Ivan’s wealth.

Aye, together with King Lawrence and Ivan’s two siblings, they sat down and decided what Zari would get and one of the things she got included a mansion in S.A -the same one that Ivan lived in with his sons.

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That then begs the question of what will happen to her marriage to Diamond Platnumz?

He is all alone. Perhaps he will agree to move to South Africa to live in Zari’s ex-husband’s house? Maybe.

Zari left Uganda for South Africa on Sunday evening after the meeting with the committee, it’s not clear whether she will be staying in Ivan’s house in Pretoria or she will move in with her kids to the mansion her husband Diamond Platnumz bought in Johannesburg.


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