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Zari Hassan And Wema Sepetu Continue To Drag Each Other Online

Zari Hassan and Wema Sepetu started beefing after the WCB CEO settled down with Zari while still dating Wema; and yes – the heartbreak brought out Tanzanian actress’s Wema Sepetu ugly side.

The lass not only attacked Zari on social media but word has it that young Tiffah was also dragged into the mess. Ugly. And ever since then, these two boss ladies cannot see eye to eye.

Low blows

So far we have seen both ladies bash each other and the latest incident was sparked by Manunu’s (Wema’s dog) disappearance; which  Zari claimed to be stage – and just another way to seek social media sympathy.

Since then – the two ladies have been serving low blows and looks like things are getting worse judging from Zari’s latest post. Well, according to Zari who was responding to Wema’s latest insults; the boss lady claims that she will not argue with a starving person. Ouch.


This is after a fan wrote to Zari saying;

Zari wee mbwa wako hajapotea kama wa Wema? 😆 alafu Wema alikujibu vibaya Boss Lady.

To which Zari responded saying;

It’s Ramadan and natoa msaada. She could use some free food, naona kabakisha kichwa tu. Iyo ni njaa, let her eat some food, she will be fine.


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