Zambian Leader Edgar Lungu ‘Is A True Dictator’

Zambian President Edgar Lungu has been brandished as a “true dictator” who rules “through fear and intimidation” of Zambian people to remain in power, The Post reports.

Lungu’s critic, Induna Mabebo of Shang’ombo district in Ndola said that the recently inaugurated president had shown Zambians what a true dictator was capable of compared to former president Michael Sata.

“Today, we can no longer feel at peace in Zambia. We are in serious problems, we are not safe under this man called Edgar Lungu. We are not safe. Zambia needs to be liberated from this newborn dictator,” Mabebo was quoted as saying.

Mabebo called on all Zambians to not stay silent in fear but to speak up against a “dictatorship government” which was “dividing the country”.

He warned Lungu that the same constitution that he was bending to remain in power would one day be used against him as he was committing criminality against the people.

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‘We have work to do’

Lungu was sworn in on Tuesday, with opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema dismissing the ceremony as “Illegal and unconstitutional”.

Lungu, who first took power last year following the death of Sata, won the August 11 election by around 100 000 votes but Hichilema alleged that the result was riddled with fraud.

The inauguration was held at a Chinese-built sports stadium in the capital Lusaka, with regional dignitaries, including President Robert Mugabe of neighbouring Zimbabwe, in attendance.

“Now that the elections are over, we must say as a people that we stand as united as ever,” Lungu told tens of thousands of spectators, vowing to prioritise reviving the country’s stumbling economy.

“There is no time and latitude to settle scores. We have work to do,” he said. “It is our duty that as citizens of this country we are on this journey together and be peaceful.”


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