Zambia President Edgar Lungu’s Comments To Ugandans ‘Were Meant To Restore Peace’.

Zambian Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba says President Edgar Lungu’s message to Ugandans during his recent visit to the east African country was meant to restore peace following the disputed February election, reportedPost Zambia.

Lungu, upon arrival in that country for the 5th inauguration of President Yoweri Museveni, told the Ugandan opposition to accept the election results and accept that they had lost.

In a Facebook post, Kalaba said Lungu’s statement was reflective of his desire to see an Africa which was not characterised and riddled by post-election violence.

“It is not by any way a call to political players in Africa not to feel aggrieved about losing an election because everywhere in the world, losing elections has never been without one party feeling aggrieved.

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“As the President clarified during his address to the nation [on Friday], it was rather a call to magnanimity and patriotism and a call for losing political players to rise above their hurt and embrace the virtue of utmost self-restraint,” Kalaba stated.

Kalaba said Lungu’s call was not only to the Ugandans, but “was generic in nature and intended to apply to the entire continent and was in line with the calls of statesmen of yesteryears”.


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