Zambia Police Chief Withdraws Chinese Officers After Complaints From Citizens

Zambia’s inspector general of police Kakoma Kanganja has cancelled the induction of eight Chinese nationals as police reservists.


The cancellation made on Tuesday morning followed the outrage and shock expressed by Zambians following the circulation of images showing the induction.

The induction was conducted yesterday at a ceremony characterized by fanfare.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo had explained the recruitment saying its constitutional and wasn’t unprecedented.

“These are police reserves. The Police Reserves are backed by cap 117 of the Laws of Zambia known as the Zambia Police Reserve Act. The reserves are there to assist the Zambia Police in maintaining Law and order. They are also vital in Community Policing. The Law does not segregate on race. Police reserves put on police uniforms,” Mrs Katongo clarified.

It wasn’t enough to convince Zambians who lashed out en masse condemning the decisions.

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Zambia had earlier this year made headlines when its police force banned officers from marrying foreigners for security reasons.

“We are not talking about marriage here. There is no issue of marriage in the Zambia Police Reserve Act. Those are addressed by the standing orders.’‘ Katongo told the media.

Confirming the withdrawal of the Chinese police officers from the force, Latongo maintained that the decision had been made within the confines of the Zambian laws.

“Members of the public should be aware that the appointments were not done outside the Law but within the provisions of the Zambia Police Reserve Act”. Adding that police chief Kangaja rescinded the decision because of the public outcry.


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