You Can’t Dictate To Us! – Ghanaian Presenter, Akrobeto Wades Into LGBTQ+ Debate

Ghana has yet again been thrown into the ‘unpleasant’ debate over protection for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Inter-sexed community in Ghana and whether their activities should be legalised.

Actor and presenter of Real News on UTV Ghana, Akwasi Boadi, popularly known as Akrobeto has waded into the ongoing conversation calling the international community not to dictate to Ghanaians on what to accept as a lifestyle.

According to him, he finds it difficult that whiles other countries are coming up with scientific solutions to the coronavirus so their people could be saved, Ghana is rather debating on an ‘unnecessary’ issue as rights and protections for people who identify as LGBTQ+.

Citing a publication by Prof Gyampo with title ‘We put food in the mouth, not in the armpit’ on, Akrobeto said he completely agreed with the good professor and called on Ghanaians not to waste time debating about such a topic when others are far ahead of us in terms of development.

He said Ghana should by now have been able to assemble its finest scientists to come up with local solutions to the coronavirus but unfortunately Ghana has not learnt anything from the pandemic.

“When this disease came, see how these white people sat down and planned to come up with solutions to the coronavirus, but Ghana hasn’t learned anything…by this time we should have our own locally made vaccines especially when people do not trust what is being brought to us, our scientists should have a local solution by now but no, not Ghana, we don’t learn from any good thing.

“We only spend our time and energy on useless things. God created the penis that when it erects it should go into a woman,” he said.

Akrobeto dared Ghana’s donor partners to take their financial support away since the country will not legalise homosexual activities in his lifetime.

“Don’t dictate to us, if because we will not accept your lifestyle you will not give us money, take your money and leave us alone…”, an angry Akrobeto said on his show.

Watch Akrobeto below:


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