Yahoo Boys Saga: Please, Don’t Corrupt Our Youths – Ghanaian Actress Haillie Sumney Warns Nigerians

Ghanaian actress, Haillie Sumney has advised Nigerians not to affect her country Ghana with their conversation about Yahoo Yahoo. See screenshot below.

Haillie Sumney made this known in reaction to a controversy sparked by singer Naira Marley who urged Nigerians to pray for Yahoo boys.

In a video, he said:


“All you guys, all the money in your pockets, all the money you spend, you think it’s the government that is making the money go round?
You better sit down and pray for yahoo boys. If them stop yahoo, the money would not pass you guys”, he said.

Naira Marley concluded by saying that without the internet fraudsters, money will only be circulating in the circle of the elite whose names he mentioned.

“The money will go like this, from Obasanjo to Tinubu, from Tinubu to Mr Japa, you think me I need Yahoo?
I make money from my music.”


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