WWE Legend Star, the Dynamite Kid Dies on His 60th Birthday After Years of Battling With Sickness

The demise of wrestling legend Tommy Billington who was known as the Dynamite Kid has been declared following quite a while of ailment.

As indicated by the most recent report, the rationale behind the passing of the 60-year-old was not made known, but rather it was accounted for that he had medical problems.

Tommy Billington became famous across the globe alongside Davey Boy Smith as the legendary British Bulldogs during the 1980s.

Japan wrestling star Will Ospreay has paid a tribute to the demise of Tommy Billington after he learned about his death.

“I heard the news that Tommy Billington also knows as the Dynamite Kid has passed away.

“Thank you for all the work you’ve done for our country and inspiring so many wrestlers to take a chance on themselves. RIP Dynamite Kid.”

Billington is considered by many, including Bret Hart and Dave Meltzer to be one of wrestling’s most influential in-ring performers having innovated the level of athleticism involved in the art and merging styles from Britain, Mexico, Canada and Japan.

According to the report, the former American-Canadian professional wrestler was said to have died on Saturday, October 13, before his demise was confirmed on Sunday, October 14, by the WWE authority.

Don Leo Jonathan was a giant of a wrestler standing at 6 foot 6 inches and weighing a whopping 340 pounds.


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