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Women Now Use S3x As Means Of Payment For Menial Jobs In This Country!

The economic recession in the country has driven hundreds of  women this particular country to paying for menial jobs with s3x.

Russian women have resorted to a new means of payment for services rendered due to the failing income levels in the country.

DailyMail reported that Russian women now pay plumbers, mechanics and other artisans with ex in exchange for the service rendered in their homes and business places.

A Siberian news outlet reported that “Due to the economic crisis, s3x is used to pay for traditional services. There even are special online communities for this purpose.”

One such community in Buryatia region, on the shore of Lake Baikal, claims that it is intended for ‘mutually beneficial encounters.

It states: “Here you can swap services for s3x. And, as well, offer s3x for a service. If you need a service or goods, but you can’t or don’t want to spend money on it, you can do something.’

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One male advertiser offered to carry out home repairs in return for s3x. He boasted: ‘You get both pleasure – and renovation.’

A female posted: ‘Looking for a man who can do the wiring in my flat. 2 rooms. S3x 2-3 times in return. Anonymous. Girl, 26.’ a total of nine men were reported to have responded offering their services.

In another location, a 23-year-old woman was reported to have offered a date in exchange for new furniture.

she wrote: “Will meet with a guy in exchange for a new sofa. Girl, 23. If you want, ‘like’. Anonymous.”

Artur Konstantinov, from the regional capital Ulan-Ude in another incident was reported to have offered delivery and stacking of ‘dry logs’ as firewood in exchange for ‘conditions of the community’ which translates to s3x.


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