“Women Need Men More Than They Need Us” – South African Lady Says

A lady seems to have accepted the fact that the 21st century gentleman is certainly not the old-fashioned man who leaves some certain responsibilities to their female partners.

South African lady, Queen Bin Laden on the Twitter platform, took to her page to tell her fellow ladies that they should work on their personalities and attitude because men can survive with or without.

She’s received a lot of praises for her opinion, especially from men and has become a trending topic on the platform.

She wrote,

Men of today can cook,clean & do laundry.Basically they can do all chores & they can finance their lifestyle

So stop acting like these black men need you just because you have a big ass & juicy pussy

Work on ur personality & attitude because with or without you he will survive

These black men are so independent and they work very hard…as a matter of fact we need them more than they need us

Honestly most women just squirt and fart…that’s basically their contribution in a relationship

Sometimes she doesn’t love you,she loves how available you are to her financial needs

That is why most of the time when a man lose his job he also lose his woman


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