Wimbledon Tennis Winner Garbine Muguruza Who Beat Venus Williams To Win Title Was Born In Gweru Zimbabwe – Report

There are reports that the Wimbledon Tennis star Garbine Muguruza who just beat Venus Williams to win first title was born in the 4th largest city of Zimbabwe, Gweru. In Gweru, the Muguruza family, which has its roots from the Kalanga clan, and a direct descendant of the Mutapa empire, who trekked from presentant day Masvingo to the then Gwelo city during the colonial times.

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The two finalists pose for photos at the end of Saturday’s match CREDIT: AFP


Zimbabweans are proud and happy to have produced another global sports star, Miss Muguruza. Miss Muguruza, whose nickname at the Danamombe school was “Guru” has made the small town of Zimbabwe proud, bringing so much pomp and fanfare with her recent win of the Wimbledon against Venus Williams.

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Interviewed at the popular watering hole, Toyo Bottle Store, one old man enjoying a pint of the Castle lager could not hold his excitement on the win of Muguruza.

The ministry of Sports and Culture have issued a statement that the government is very happy with the perfomance of Miss Muguruza. As a tocken of appreciation for her hard work and raising the flag of Zimbabwe high, the ministry has now offered Miss Muguruza a farm.

Citizens are encouraged to join the ministry of sports and other fans to welcome Miss Muguruza as she arrives at the Harare international airport next week Tuesday.


Source: Zimbabwe-today


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