‘I Will Never Be A Foreigner’ – Kenya’s Miguna Miguna

Kenya’s opposition politician Miguna Miguna, who is being held at the country’s main airport following a standoff over his citizenship status, has told BBC’s Focus on Africa programme in a phone interview that he is being held in a toilet.

He said that he has not eaten today and that he has only been visited by an official from the Canadian embassy and a Kenyan human rights activist.

Mr Miguna added that he has been mistreated by Kenyan officials.

“No family members have been given access to me. Even though [the police] injured my right hand and tore my clothes, they have not given me access to a doctor. They have not given me access to bathroom facilities, I have not taken a shower, I’ve not brushed my teeth.”

“I am in a terrible condition. They have put me in the toilet for the disabled. There is a sink but the sink only produces hot water, there is no cold water. And there is nothing else in the room except a chair and a bare mattress. What I want is my rights to be respected, all of them.”

Mr Miguna arrived in Kenya on Monday afternoon and has been held at the airport since then.

Kenyan officials say that he does not have Kenyan citizenship and is instead a national of Canada, where they deported him last month.

A court ordered Mr Miguna to appear before it today, but officials did not let him go.

“I have my birth right as a citizen of Kenya, and a constitutional right as a Kenyan to come in and leave Kenya at will, unhampered. I will never be categorised as a foreigner, I will not allow them to subject me to these cruel and inhumane conditions.”

“I am willing to die in defence of my rights. I never lost my citizenship by birth because the only way I could lose it is by renouncing my citizenship and I have never done that, and they have not produced any evidence to prove that.”

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