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Why You Need Jetwriters- Jetheights’ PR Services.

Did you know that effective public relations can improve your business outcomes by generating new leads? In fact, if you’re an early- or mid-stage company, your next round of funding may depend on this.

Our company is one of the top targeted media outlets globally, with unique integration of PR and digital marketing, and opportunities to create and convert high-value content assets; hence, handling your PR services would mean more visibility to your prospective clients!

In past years, our PR services have not only helped businesses attract customers but also to recruit highly professional and talented employees.

You mustn’t forget that the right media placements at the right times, coupled with the right message and content strategies can help your business or brand attract even more investors and sales than you ever thought possible. Then again, if you hope to be acquired by a larger technology firm, PR isn’t just a great idea – it’s a must. Visibility online and in media outlets is a prerequisite for attracting the attention of acquirers, many of whom rely on industry media sources to unearth hot acquisition targets.

At Jetwriters, we are in the business of building brands, products and services that engage consumers around the world from diverse verticals; Entertainment to politics, business, History, culture and technology. Our platforms are Africa’s fastest growing & foremost online sites with display advertising across multiple platforms, from desktop to mobile to help your business, brands, products and services get the much needed attention of our passionate and engaging audiences.

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to increase deals or sales, support your brand image, keep existing business, or connect with new clients, content marketing and advertising is a proven strategy to meet any of those objectives. Content marketing development requires great discipline and responsibility, and you can count on us at all times. To start with, we’ll work together with you to understand your organization’s USP. After which we find the best way to project your message online with our all-encompassing methodology that works for organizations across the size and industry spectrum.

And what’s more, by taking advantage of synergies of our traffic and engagements on our various platforms, you can achieve greater impact at a lower cost than strategies built around a yearlong approach. Some of our platforms and subsidiaries to our mother brand Jetheights, reaching several millions all over the globe on a daily basis include;,,,,,,,, etc.

So, are you still wondering whether or not to key into our PR services?

Time is money! Put a call through right away and let’s make you a major hit in your industry. You never know who’ll take on that seat if you don’t claim it now. It’s your time to “Step into the marketplace with some sizzle, spice, spunk and shazam!”.

Don’t forget to visit our website- and keep in touch with us on our Instagram page @thejetwriters.

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