Why Tanzanian Actress Wema Sepetu Will Not Be Adding Extra Weight Anytime Soon

Wema Sepetu shocked many back in 2019 after her sudden weight loss that left many wondering whether she had a serious illness!

Others claimed that she had flown to India for Bariatric Surgery; which is known lead to significant weight loss and also help improve many obesity-related conditions.

Truthfully no one understands how Wema Sepetu shed off the unwanted weight which seems to have disappeared overnight.

Sudden weight loss

However according to popular Tz tabloid, Wema did not have it easy while losing all the unwanted weight.

She apparently got to a point where she almost gave up as the medication she was receiving had left her feeling quite week.

However, barely 3 months into her weight loss journey, Wema Sepetu started showing positive results as she had lost a huge amount of weight!

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Fans pleads with Wema do add weight

Well, despite her fine figure and curved body, a few of her fans have been asking Wema to out on just a little weight to bring back her old image!

The lady however responded telling her fans that she would never put on extra weight!

Probably this is because she faced one of the toughest moments as a ‘BBW’ – and is not willing to get back to those days when she lost her self esteem. Through her Instagram page the lady talked about this saying;


According to Wema, she is now in love with the person she has since become. She revealed this on her Instagram story where she posted saying;


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