Why Nigerian Event Organizers Are Planning To Stop Organizing Shows In Ghana

According to Nigerian radio presenter, Olisa Adibua, Nigerian event organizers are considering to stop organizing shows in Ghana.

The Lagos based Beats 99.9 FM presenter made this known to Joey B and Guilty Beatz, when they appeared on a show at the radio station for an interview.

According to him, Ghanaians don’t welcome foreign events especially Nigerian events which have Nigerian acts.

“ In terms of your people, it seems they don’t like Nigerians coming through. I heard about one or two issues that happened with the Cardi B show as well recently… I heard somethings that were not good, and if you behave like that with Afronation, no one is going to come back to GHANA with a show” Olisa said.

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The conversation ever since an excerpt of it made it to social media has attracted trouble for Joey B over concerns from fans that he could have spoken to defend Ghana on the matter.

Watch the video.



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