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Why Justin And Hailey Bieber Chose To Have A Religious Wedding Ceremony

Justin and Hailey Bieber are reportedly set to get married this September.

The couple tied the knot in September last year in a New York City courthouse, but want to have a formal affair in front of friends, family and God in South Carolina, according to PEOPLE.

Stephen Baldwin, Hailey’s dad, has since revealed more details about the upcoming ceremony, explaining it’s very important to both Justin and Hailey, that they wed in the presence of God, according to TMZ.

“I just think that as Christians and as believers they understand that if you don’t have the God’s spirit working in your marriage it just makes it more and more difficult to make it work and have peace and find happiness.

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“Weddings and marriage are supposed to be a holy commitment, one onto another,” he said.

“They’re going to have a lot of their pastor friends and their Christian friends around them this time,” he added.

Stephen said he’s excited about what he thinks will be a “very fun wedding”, and he’s focused on his one responsibility on the day: “My only job,” he said, “is just walking my princess down the aisle.”


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