Why I Skipped Tanasha’s EP Launch – Tanzanian Singer, Mbosso

January, the 31st 2020, the much anticipated DonnaTella EP launch went down but in the absence of baby daddy, Diamond and Wasafi artiste, Mbosso.

The star-studded event at the Sarit Centre Expo graced the who-is-the-who in the Kenyan celebrity industry.

WCB’s Diamond Platnumz and Mbosso also made an appearance before quickly jetting back to Tanzania, unexplained.

Diamond Platnumz and Mbosso
WCB artistes, Diamond Platnumz (right) and Mbosso (left)


The two were expected to perform with the songbird during her album launch but they only stood to be counted during the press conference, barely hours to the EP launch.

During his recent interview with Sam Misago last week, Mbosso disclosed that their management had asked them to go back to Tanzania immediately.

I remember we went to Nairobi, there was a show we were supposed to do and it didn’t happen. We came back.

After such orders, who was he to defy?

I was told I had to go back to Dar es Salaam with immediate effect.  There were things that were not right. Who am I to argue with manager Babu Tale, Sallam and Mkubwa Fella?

Adding they all returned to Tanzania and got involved in other things.

I went back home with my brother, Diamond. We were even seated next to each other. That’s when I started writing the script to my ‘Tamba’ song.


From his end, WCB founder, Diamond who had left Kenya’s capital in a hurry, had previously disclosed that he had an urgent family issue to tend to.

Taking to his social media, Naseeb expressed:

Because of a problem at home that suddenly presented itself, I was forced to head back to Dar es Salaam so that I can immediately solve it. I might come later for the Donnatella EP launch or even miss my love’s launch in Nairobi. But everything will be recorded Live on Wasafi TV for those at home, do not forget to watch it Live 🙏

Tanasha similarly defended her Tanzanian baby daddy for his actions admitting that he indeed needed to attend to something back at home.

Well, first of all, it was a little bit of an emergency that I don’t want to discuss here. He wouldn’t have wasted his time coming to Nairobi if his intent was not to attend the event.

Unfortunately though, just days after her EP launch that turned out an utter disappointment, Diamond, his mum, among other next of kin and friends, were spotted savoring good moments at Esma Platnumz’s birthday.

This raised speculations that this relationship was headed south and that probably Tanasha was just not a priority in the singer’s life.


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