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“Why Do Women End Their Marriages For Cheating And Go On To Date Married Men?” – Ubi Franklin Asks Nigerians

Music executive, Ubi Franklin has revealed that he has been wondering why women who divorced their husbands over infidelity go on to date married men.


Ubi took to Twitter to share his inner musings as he posed the question to Nigerians. According to him, he can’t seem to figure out why women who left their marriages because their husbands cheated on them, date married men after their divorce.


The talent manager threw the questions to Nigerians and asked if they are ready to dissect the topic or move it to a later time.

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He tweeted, “Still trying to understand why Some women ended their marriages for cheating and went on to date married men, are we normal like this ? Is this topic for today or we should move it to another day?”


See his tweet below,


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