What Are The Most Popular Sports In Africa?

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Sports are popular across the world, but each different continent and country has its own particular favorites. Africa is no different. Sports in Africa is hugely popular, contributing to the economy and offering a fun, inclusive way to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. So just what are the most popular sports in Africa and why? Read on to find out.



Football – not American football, but soccer – is by far the most popular sport in Africa. If someone is going to place a bet at Unibet, football is likely to be their preference. One of the biggest reasons that football is so popular is that it is something everyone can play, no matter what their background or their resources. After all, you only need a ball – the goals can be anything such as tin cans or discarded t-shirts. With just a ball and some willing players, you can have a great game and enjoy some exercise at the same time. Many famous African sporting stars have begun playing in this way.


Football is watched by many different sectors of the community in Africa, and it is a great way to bring people together. Plus, it is an exciting game. There is always movement, always that moment of exhilaration when the ball might find its way into the goal, and as Reliable Plant says, celebration when it does. No wonder it is so popular.



Coming a close second to football in popularity in Africa is rugby. In South Africa, there are over 600,000 registered players, and of course, the famous Springboks are known across the world and are a formidable force on the rugby pitch. Other African countries also excel at the game, although perhaps not at such a worldwide level. They include Ghana, Kenya, and Namibia. There is even an annual tournament in Africa – known as the Safari Sevens – which attracts teams from across the world to play.



When you think of cycling, the first idea that will probably come to you is the Tour de France and races in other Western nations. However, cycling in Africa is growing steadily in popularity; the country is so beautiful that cycling here is a pleasure, and more people are realizing this and taking part. The routes for cycling are diverse and can be as easy or as difficult as the cyclist likes, so progression is easy to maintain as well.


Tapping into this market, the Cape Town Cycle Tour was created – it is now the world’s biggest individually timed cycling race, attracting more than 35,000 cyclists.



Again, possibly due to the fact that it costs nothing to start running, and because of the lush running routes across the continent, this is another particularly popular sport in Africa. Africa’s love of running dates back many decades and was increased hugely in 1908 when Reggie Walker from South Africa won the 100-meter gold medal.


The African nations are not just excellent when it comes to sprinting; marathon running is also something they are extremely good at, and you only need to watch a race involving many different nations to see that those from Africa are often leading the pack throughout.

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