Weather Forecasters Predict Chances Of Heavy Snowfall In South Africa

Snow Reports have issued an advanced forecast about snowfall in South Africa! This follows the predictions of a big freeze set to hit this weekend!


Spring is around the corner and it doesn’t even feel like we have had a winter yet! Well apparently winter is coming this weekend and plans to hit hard!

A cold front is heading towards the Western Cape and Eastern Cape! It is being called the big freeze as weather forecasters predict temperatures to plummet and chances of snowfall!

The Snow Report have posted an advanced forecast to their website issuing snow alerts. They have however stated that it is still open to change. The snowfall is predicted to hit the Eastern Cape and Lesotho.

The snow is coming! Late Saturday evening (15 July) into the early hours of Sunday morning (16 July) we will see a sizeable cold front make landfall in the Western Cape bringing with it weather conditions suitable for a nice snow dump over many parts of South Africa.

Starting over the Western Cape Mountains ranges with many high lying regions such as Matroosberg possibly getting nearly 30cm of snow.

The cold front will move on bringing snow to a few parts of the Northern Cape, specifically Calvinia, Sutherland and surrounds, with some flurries in parts of the Karoo area.

As Sunday progresses we should also see some snow Sunday afternoon and night into the early hours of Monday morning over large parts of the Eastern Cape including Graaff Reinet, Hogsback, Dordrecht, Barkly East, Lady Grey, Rhodes and more. Lesotho Drakensberg and surrounding areas will receive snow at the same time with some snow possible early Monday morning over Central Lesotho mountains and Sani Pass.

People within these area’s please keep your animals inside and keep your local homeless in mind! Stay safe and stay warm SA x

Sources: Snow Report 

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