We Dated For 7 Years, I Saved Towards His Birthday But It Ended In Tears – Ghana’s Naa Atswei

She was taking her sister’s child to school in Osu, Accra when she heard a car horn honking behind her. Unsure she was the target, she kept moving until she felt the signal and decided to stop for a conversation.

The pickup line was what melted her. “He referred to me as ‘pretty lady’ and that’s what did the magic,” says Naa Atswee on the Exes Show, disclosing that the incident was around 2012 when she had just completed secondary school.

She confesses that the fact that the gentleman had a car was a motivation for her. One thing led to the other and they eventually ended up in a relationship ship.

“He was fully interested in me but my interest was shaky. He was working for his father but I was then trying to find my feet. I come from a very strict home and had just completed SHS so I was expected to continue with my education than dating,” she says.

According to Naa Atswee, they had specific periods for phone call conversations just so she does not land herself in trouble, adding that no family member knew about their relationship.

Her quest to further her education led her to enroll in school for a Diploma in Business Studies course around the Ghana Law School and that was the beginning of the end.

“It was an evening class. I had closed from school and was attacked by robbers. They took my phone so I lost his contact. I never heard from him again. I didn’t know where he lived because I never went to his house,” she recalls while adding that after a year, she decided to search for him on Instagram.

“I found him there, I was very excited. I sent him a message, narrated to him what happened, and asked him to send me his number because I was ready for him. He wasn’t forthcoming although he had told me he’s still single,” she says.

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“Things were worse when he came back. He could be away for three months and blamed it on either some courses he was reading or business purposes. I had to endure because at first, he had time for me so if for a reason, the narrative isn’t the same, I had to understand him. But there was a day I told him although he seems busy, he has my attention because of how we started so he shouldn’t take it for granted.”

“Our last moment before the breakup, he had paid me a visit. While he was leaving, it started raining so I gave him my umbrella. When I got to my workplace the following week, I noticed he had brought the umbrella. It had been placed at the entrance. He never gave me a call.”

Continuing with the narration, Naa Atswee tells host Aikins that other occurrences broke her, the topmost being how she was treated on his birthday. According to her, she paid for a portrait of the said boyfriend as a birthday present only to be treated with discontentment.

“I saved towards his birthday. I made an artist draw him. I also bought a shirt for him. They were packaged nicely. I even pleaded with the taxi driver to drive me there on credit because I had no money on me. I got to his office with the aim of surprising him only to be discouraged by his facial expression. He didn’t show any sign of appreciation,” she recounts.

“I asked myself what I had gotten myself into. Was it an acquaintance, friendship, or was it a relationship? I had to let it slide. It was better to end it right away than end it later.”

Watch the show below.


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