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WATCH: Newborn pulled out of Grave Alive 8 Hours after being Buried

A newborn baby is currently recuperating in the Agua Boa Regional Hospital, Canarana, Brazil after she was pulled out alive after being buried for eight hours, DailyMail reports.

The baby’s mother, a 15-year old, had gone into labour around midday while in the bathroom. She said her contractions started and the baby arrived quickly, falling onto the bathroom floor and suffering two cranial fractures.

The teen mother’s grandmother, 57-year old Kutz Amin said when the baby failed to cry after being born, she decided to follow their tradition, wrap her in a cloth and buried her. Amin said the baby “showed no signs of life”.

Salvation came for the baby following an anonymous tip received by the police about a death that has not been reported. The police visited the house and officers were digging the shallow grave she was buried in when they heard a faint cry.

Officers pulled the child out, still attached to her umbilical cord, gently, and took her to the hospital where doctors say she’s making progress.

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Speaking on the incident, Canarana’s military police chief, João Paulo Bezerra do Nascimento said:

The child was buried around 2pm but we were only called to investigate the incident late that night. This was worrying because it was many hours after the event.

By the time we arrived we never expected to find the child alive.

What shocked me most was how the little girl survived under the earth for as long as eight hours. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

We were digging out the hole when we suddenly heard a small cry underground and realised she was alive. It was a thrilling and unforgettable moment.

Investigators say the baby’s great-grandmother has been arrested and is facing charges of attempted murder.

The teen mum was also questioned by police and hospitalised.

Watch the video below (Viewer discretion is advised):



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