WATCH: Katy Perry Ends Music Hiatus With ‘Never Really Over’

Katy Perry, American singer and songwriter, is back from her two-year music break with a new single dubbed, ‘Never Really Over’.

Produced by Zedd, the upbeat pop song takes a retro setting for its virtuals with Perry portrayed as a love-struck shamaness while performing a self-healing ritual.

The music theme centres around a strong desire to rekindle and revive a past relationship due to the singer’s inability to move on.

The colourful retro video also features a group of hippies clad in festival garbs while performing interpretive dance moves in an open field.

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“I guess I could try hypnotherapy

I gotta rewire this brain

‘Cause I can’t even go on the internet

Without even checking your name,” Perry crooned.

Here is Katty Perry’s ‘Never Really Over’;

Perry’s latest single is a complete contrast from the “edgy” persona portrayed in ‘Witness’, an album she released in 2017.


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