WATCH: ‘I’m Finished With MultiChoice’, – Man Destroys DStv Satellite Dish in Support of Steve Hofmeyr

A man has chosen Afrikaans musician Steve Hofmeyr and Afrikaans over Multichoice and has even destroyed his DStv satellite dish, showing just how serious he is.

Following a decision by Multichoice to stop airing any of Steve Hofmeyr’s content following the resurfacing of a racist tweet.

A tweet from 2014, where Hofmeyr claimed that black people were the “architects of apartheid” was dug up and made rounds on social media recently.

A video of a man destroying his satellite dish has been posted on Facebook. In the video, a man can be seen throwing the satellite dish from the roof and destroying it with a hammer.

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In the video, a man speaking in Afrikaans lets knows that “It’s either you [DStv] or Afrikaans and I choose Afrikaans. I will never choose DStv over Afrikaans. I’m finished with MultiChoice. Finished!”. The man also says that since Multichoice has “decided they don’t like our Steve and Afrikaans, and I don’t like giving them my money anymore. If they want to destroy our language and land then we won’t give them any more money. We won’t pay them anymore.”


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