Viral Video of Wendy Shay Dissing People Who Don’t Accept That She’s The Queen Of Ghana Music

Rufftown Records’ top female signed musician, Wendy Shay has insulted people who have been heckling her over claims that she is currently the queen of Ghana music.

She has been making the claim for some time now and it seems hard as she tries to make it to be accepted by all music lovers.

As such, during her performance at a recent concert in the Christmas season, Wendy Shay said that anybody who has a problem with her claim of being the queen of Ghana music, “Wonteaseaa Onyeaee!!”, to wit “if you don’t understand, your mother.”

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Well, one thing was for sure when she was dropping this line for all those who have a problem with her queenship claims, which is, her fans are fully in support of her claim because they happily helped her to drop the insult.

Watch her drop her new anthem below:



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