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Video: Who Set The Marital Age Limit In Lami Phillips ”Fix It”?

When people project their insecurities onto others by making human beings feel less than their creator made them, this would seldom make one wonder how that will make them feel better in themselves or how it will change the price of fish in the market.

These days everything’s changed, all thanks to technology and social media. There’s now the perfect body size, shape, skin color, marital age limit a person should be married, when did violence become acceptable? having kids is now compulsory, being single is a crime, divorce is a shame, a lady isn’t pretty enough without makeup and many more standards society has set for men and women, especially the ladies.

Image result for lami phillips

Image result for lami phillips

Television commercials, reality shows, magazines and pictures on social media make matters worse. Why do women have to alter their bodies to please the men and the guys are not often pressured to do same as much as their female counterparts?

Inferiority complex, suicide, these and many more issues bothering on society are what Nigerian singer and songwriter Lamide Phillips Gbadamosi popular as Lami Phillips is trying to use her latest track ”Fix It” to adress.

In March 2018, Lami featured Tiwa Savage on her single titled ”So Amazing”, you can watch it here…

The song which was Produced by bigfootinyourface, written and arranged by Lami herself and creatively directed by the oloriway, she says might be unpopular ”ain’t for iTunes, this ain’t for sing alongs, this ain’t politically correct, This might offend my industry connects and can cause depression”.

But really where did kindness go? read her post and watch her video…

“How did we get here? How did our hearts become so ugly? When did it become ok to wear our masks so boldly that we forget our own reflections. How did we disconnect to the point where we can’t answer the “how are you ?” question sincerely because exposing our vulnerability to a selfish, pretentious and disillusioned frenemy would be worse than suffering alone. How did we get here? How did “beautiful you” become outdated to the extent that we go to doctors to help God perfect our already beautiful bodies to satisfy our prioritization of vanity. How did we distort our minds to believing that our skin needed to be many shades lighter before we could be valued or loved? Who fed us these lies, and why did we believe them? Who set the age for marriage and why did it become ok to shame the single woman? When did it become fine to be pitifully condescending to those who haven’t had children or husbands.. and why is it that it’s the women who should have more compassion that spew these insults. Why do men beat women and put them down with us watching in silent judgment afraid that speaking up would make us uncool. Why is it ok for an elected leader to beat up on a woman with no shame for the mother who birthed him? When did being a woman become an inferior term? Why do we say words like “black, fat , old” with such disdain and disgust? So what if that face doesn’t look like your idea of beauty or that body doesn’t fit your notion of sexy.. Where did kindness go? How did we get here? On the #journeytoME I asked myself … Where is the root of this ugliness so we can #FIX IT? “~ Lami Phillips-Gbadamosi “This is anti BS, death of the ring-tone,This ain’t for iTunes, this ain’t for sing alongs
this ain’t politically correct
This might offend my industry connects
But the art y’all making gonna make it the great depression
Or your lack aggression.. “~ JayZ

Photography: @gyasi_media

Follow Lami on Instagram on @lamiphillipsworld and click the link on her bio to listen to the track.


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