Video: Ugandan Man Dressed As Usher At Wedding Caught On Camera Stealing Bride’s Bag

A newlywed couple in Uganda was left in a dilemma after a man who disguised as an usher vanished with the bride’s clutch bag and other valuables.

Tony Asega who was captured on CCTV made away with two bags and two wedding cards that had been loaded with money.

According to My Wedding publication, the wedding was held on Saturday, August 10, at Troupe Centre in Kisaasi, Ntinda in Uganda and was attended by high profile guests.

The incident took place at the tail end of the ceremony just shortly after the couple and guests had briefly excused themselves from the high table where they forgot the items.

According to one of the victims of the strange theft incident, the bride’s bag was estimated to cost KSh 1.1 million while the other one was valued at KSh 800, 000.

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The victim further disclosed the two stolen wedding cards had money totaling to KSh 1.4 million.

Efforts of the victims to trace the suspect proved futile after the management of the venue and organisers denied having knowledge of what transpired and the person behind the theft.

A CCTV footage was later released and shared on social media sites in a bid to trace the culprit.



In the video, Asega is seen removing his jacket to cover an item that was on the couple’s high table.

He is later seen coming back after a short while, picked the jacket with some items underneath it and left hurriedly.



The suspect is still on the run and police has launched investigations into the matter.



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